Changes from April 1st 2013

Who’s who in the new NHS?

From April 1st 2013 PCTs were abolished. New organisations (most of which had been operating in shadow form for some time) have taken over the various PCT functions. This page attempts to provide a one-stop-shop for practices to find out who and what has gone where, and where possible to provide contact details. There are still areas of uncertainty and gaps in information. Please let us know if you find anything here that is out of date or missing. Our aim is to keep this as up to date as possible.

For a summary of where former PCT functions will now sit, see the Summary of Changes Information. This table will give an overview of what parts of the PCTs’ functions will be undertaken by the new organisations.

NHS England

For information about NHS Hertfordshire and South Midlands Area Team see the Area Team Details. This gives information about the area team of NHS England (formerly the NHS Commissioning Board). This is the part of the NHS which will now hold and monitor your GP contract and be responsible for GP appraisal.

For information about the staffing structure of the area team, see the Area Team Details

This is the website of NHS England, of which the area team is a part.


See the below links for more information about:

Brief overview of East and North Herts CCG

Brief overview of Herts Valley CCG

Brief overview of Bedfordshire CCG

Brief overview of Luton CCG

Commissioning Support Unit

CCGs in Beds, Herts and Luton will buy their commissioning support from the Central Eastern Commissioning Support Unit.

Public Health

Public Health has moved to the local authorities, taking with them responsibility for commissioning services (formerly LESs) for things like smoking cessation, annual health checks, chlamydia screening, and sexual health.

Last reviewed on 18th November 2015 (HB).