GP Appraisal and Revalidation

Appraisal for GPs can be described as “a professional conversation inviting change”. It is a formative process of reviewing, with a peer, your activity and achievement over the previous year, identifying learning needs, and developing a Personal Development Plan for the forthcoming year. All GPs must participate in the appraisal system provided by their area team as a condition of remaining on the Performers List and this is also a contractual requirement of the GMS and PMS contracts. Appraisal systems are set up to enable all GPs on the Performers Lists to have an appraisal every year with a GP who has been trained as an appraiser.

Appraisal is linked to the process of revalidation which started in December 2012. Every five years, each doctor’s Responsible Officer will recommend him or her for revalidation by the GMC and the process by which this is done will partly be based on evidence of the doctor’s participation in the appraisal process. All doctors will be revalidated by the end of March 2016. The second round of revalidation will start in April 2018. For more information please seen the links below, under National guidance and information.

From April 1st 2013, responsibility for appraisal and revalidation passed from the PCTs to NHS England, to be run by the Area Teams. Locally, appraisal and revalidation is run by the Medical Directorate of Hertfordshire and South Midlands Area Team and the Responsible Officer is Dr Aly Rashid. If you have any queries, please contact Chris Poulton Programme Manager (GP Appraisal and Revalidation) Tel: 01138 248881 or Susie Kittle (Administrator) Tel: 01138 248863 or email:

National Guidance and Information

You are advised to check national websites regularly for up to date information about appraisal and revalidation, in particular the NHS England Website and relevant pages on the websites of the GMC and RCGP. Please note that the Revalidation Support Team closed on 31st March 2014 and all documents and information have moved onto the NHS England website.

The key documents to refer to are:

Other useful documents and links are:

Hertfordshire and South Midlands Appraisal Guidance and Information

Appraisal bulletins from the area team, related links and new information Appraisal and revalidation in Hertfordshire and the South Midlands.

Feedback from Hertfordshire Appraiser Workshops 2012 – 2013

10th July and 1st October 2013

The main focus of the July workshop was “Dealing with grey areas in appraisal situations” and participants discussed six scenarios, familiar to most appraisers, which raised a number of issues some of which had no definitive answer. As this session had been so useful, it was repeated (with four of the six scenarios) as one of the workshops at the October event. The October event also included a session on Equality and Diversity specifically focused on the appraisal situation, and a discussion about appraising locums, GPs taking time out of practice, and GPs with special interests. Resources used at the workshop are available below:

  • Equality and Diversity – the facilitator, Hilary Haman, explored the difference between prejudice and discrimination and considered a number of different appraisal situations where an appraiser’s prejudices could influence the outcome of the appraisal. Download Hilary’s slide presentation.
  • Dealing with grey areas in appraisal situations – read the scenarios and a summary of the discussion.

Appraising locum GPs, GPs taking a break and GPwSI – participants worked through some scenarios and looked at some resources that are available, including the following:

  • Wessex LMCs has produced a toolkit for locum GPs about appraisal and revalidation
  • The Return to Practice Guidance from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (discussed at the workshop in October 2012) contains a useful checklist to help GPs consider their training needs.

More information about appraisal and revalidation is available in the Appraisal and Revalidation section of the library below:

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