GP SafeHouse

GP SafeHouse is an on-line service that was developed by GPs for GPs in Somerset, Gloucester and Avon and has now been commissioned by Beds & Herts LMC for all GPs across Beds and Herts.

This is a virtual safe house with 5 “rooms” where information and support can be found. Every aspect of this is fully confidential. The 5 areas are:

1. Occupational Health – including self-help resources and how to access local services
2. Burnout Recovery – self-assessment and solutions
3. Partnership Relationships – common scenarios and solutions
4. Coping with non-medical demands of work (e.g. timekeeping) – scenarios, solutions and strategies
5. Careers advice – information and support

In addition to the above, GPs can sometimes benefit from a 1:1 discussion with an Advocate (pastoral colleague) from the LMC. The GP SafeHouse website includes a special section where GPs can choose and easily access an Advocate from Beds & Herts LMC’s Pastoral Care Team. The software for this has been specially designed so that 100% confidentiality is the rule and Advocates can even be contacted anonymously (i.e. the system does not use email or chat-room software).

The GP SafeHouse website is a members-only service and you require a personal password to access it. If you haven’t received a personal password or have any difficulty accessing the site, please contact Sue Holloran on who will be able to help.