Dispute Resolution

On occasions Primary Medical Services Contractors (contractors) may disagree with decisions made by the Area Team in respect to their contracts. Disputes may arise over decisions about contractual sanctions and termination, remuneration, practice area and “opt-outs‟. Under such circumstances contractors have the right of appeal against such a decision and to request that it is resolved through a series of dispute resolution processes.

It is expected that most contractual disputes will be resolved informally as part of the normal contractual relationship before entering into formal procedures. Either the practice or the Area Team can request the LMC to help to resolve a dispute at any stage. 

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Partnership Disputes

Disputes and serious arguments between partners undermines the fabric of the partnership. They interfere with the running of the practice and affect the entire working environment. The staff are adversely affected by disputes between the partners. Many of the doctors we help here at the LMC are suffering unduly as a result of a serious partnership dispute: stress, depression, alcohol, self-medicating even narcotic use have all been seen. Ultimately, patient care suffers and serious errors can result.

Partnership disputes must be taken seriously and dealt with professionally and urgently. We would strongly advise you to seek help as soon as the dispute is recognised.


The best way to prevent most disputes is to have an up-to-date robust partnership agreement. There is advice on this website about partnership agreements but eventually you will need legal advice when drawing up an agreement. The LMC approved lawyers can all give professional advice and draw up agreements that align with the Health & Social Care Act.


Once a dispute has reached the point of affecting the running of the practice then you must seek help to resolve the issues. Dr Peter Graves can facilitate meetings at early stages of a dispute, but once the parties are entrenched, formal professional mediation is the only answer. There are a number of trained and registered mediators in the portfolio of LMC Approved Business Consultants, some of whom are also legally qualified and have experience of the NHS and general practice.

Please phone 01438 880010 and speak to Dr Peter Graves BEFORE your disagreement becomes a serious partnership dispute with all the consequences that inevitably result.

Last reviewed on 8th December 2015 (HB)