Pastoral Care

LMC Pastoral Care

The LMC has always provided personal, one to one support for colleagues for a host of reasons, ranging from difficulties faced in the practice, to personal issues at home; and including performance procedures at the Area Team or the GMC: these processes can be extremely stressful and GPs need to know that they can turn to us for confidential support whatever the problem.

If you believe that either you or a colleague might need help or support – whatever the problem – please contact the LMC office on 01438 880010 and you will be referred to the right person immediately.

GP SafeHouse

GP SafeHouse is an on-line service that was developed by GPs for GPs in Somerset, Gloucester and Avon and has now been commissioned by Beds & Herts LMC for all GPs across Beds and Herts.
This is a virtual safe house with 5 “rooms” where information and support can be found. Every aspect of this is fully confidential. The 5 areas are:

1. Occupational Health – including self-help resources and how to access local services
2. Burnout Recovery – self-assessment and solutions
3. Partnership Relationships – common scenarios and solutions
4. Coping with non-medical demands of work (e.g. timekeeping) – scenarios, solutions and strategies
5. Careers advice – information and support

In addition to the above, GPs can sometimes benefit from a 1:1 discussion with an Advocate (pastoral colleague) from the LMC. The GP SafeHouse website includes a special section where GPs can choose and easily access an Advocate from Beds & Herts LMC’s Pastoral Care Team. The software for this has been specially designed so that 100% confidentiality is the rule and Advocates can even be contacted anonymously (i.e. the system does not use email or chat-room software).

The GP SafeHouse website is a members-only service and you require a personal password to access it. If you haven’t received a personal password or have any difficulty accessing the site, please contact Sue Holloran on who will be able to help.

NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP)

East and North Herts CCG, Herts Valleys CCG and Luton CCG have commissioned a specialist, fully confidential service for all GPs working in these areas. GPs can self-refer to the NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) by calling PHP on 0203 049 4505 or e-mailing  This service is aimed at GPs who are concerned about their mental or physical health or addiction problems.  You will be invited for an initial face to face assessment at Riverside Medical Centre in London.  This can last up to two hours.

Click here for more information about PHP (Herts)


Last reviewed on 21st December 2015 (HB).