Structure of Beds and Herts Local Medical Committee Ltd

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire LMC (as defined in the NHS Act (2006)) is the overarching LMC. It has a statutory obligation to collect levies from GPs for the running of the committees and serves no other purpose. All income from the levies is granted over to Beds and Herts LMC Ltd. At its AGM each spring, it delegates the strategic and policy setting functions to two county-wide sub-committees (the Bedfordshire LMC Sub-committee and the Hertfordshire LMC Sub-committee) and all other functions to Beds and Herts LMC Ltd.

On 1st October 2006 ‘Beds and Herts LMC Ltd’ (the company), took over the day-to-day running of the Beds and Herts LMC. The company has full responsibility for all the functions of and services run by the LMC, including the setting up and running of the two county sub-committees; for example the company runs the election process for the committees. All functions undertaken by the company are regulated by a Service Agreement between Beds and Herts LMC and the company. Beds and Herts LMC Ltd is a company limited by guarantee so there are no shareholders and the company is non-profit making – exactly as the LMC has always been. Any profit shown in the accounts at the end of the year is put back into the organisation for the benefit of GPs and their practices and helps to maintain the lowest possible statutory levy, (for further details see the section, How we are Funded). There is a board of the company which is made up of representatives from the two county sub-committees and the Chief Executive of the Secretariat, who acts as Company Secretary. The Chair of the Board is currently Dr Jonathan Freedman, GP in St Albans and the Vice Chair is Dr John Lockley. All LMC representatives are members of Beds and Herts LMC Ltd.

As a limited company, the LMC is able to provide a far wider range of support and services for practices.

Beds and Herts LMC Board


Relationship between LMCs, GPC and BMA

The General Practitioners Committee (GPC) is a committee of the British Medical Association (BMA) and is recognised as the negotiating body for all NHS GPs. Amongst other things, the GPC negotiates with the Department of Health through the NHS Employers on GPs’ terms, conditions and pay.

Local Medical Committees are the link between local GPs and the GPC. Each LMC has a regional GPC representative. Currently, Dr Simon Poole, who is a GP in Cambridgeshire, represents Bedfordshire LMC, and Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer, a GP working in Hertfordshire, represents the Hertfordshire LMC on the GPC. This way, the views and opinions of all GPs can be represented at national level via the LMCs to the GPC.

Every year all LMCs send representatives to the two-day Annual Conference of LMCs where policy is debated and members vote on what negotiating position the GPC negotiators will be taking in the coming year. GPs from both Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire are well represented at Conference each year to make sure that the views of local GPs are put forward. Not only is there is a report on the Annual Conference of LMCs in our Annual Report but GPC also publishes a report on the Annual Conference of LMCs every year.


Last reviewed on 20th November 2014