Jobs - Salaried GP

Granta Medical Practices

Are you a working GP? Do you wish you could customise your job, including whether or not you do duty or have any admin? If so, keep reading …

Granta Medical Practices are pioneers in delivering traditional, site based and excellent healthcare for our patients, whilst having the advantages of working at scale. We recognise the changing face of general practice, and that doctors (whether newly qualified or with many years experience) are keen to have as much flexibility as possible in their day-to-day, and work to their strengths, rather than doing all the roles historically undertaken by GPs in a different health climate. This shouldn’t require you to work as a locum.

What you may be looking for:

We are offering a completely customisable contract, whereby you start with a “base sessional rate” (dependant on level of experience) and then add “bolt ons” which result in a percentage increase in your pay. Bolt ons include:

  • Working duty sessions
  • Holding a list and doing admin
  • Taking part in an extended access rota (working evenings and Saturdays)

Therefore to put it simply, if you never want to work duty again, then don’t!

Our customisable contract offers:

  • An initial agreement of your base contract and then desired bolt ons (if all bolt ons are added, this increases income by 22.5%).
  • An initial 3 month and then 6 monthly review of your contract, to allow you to “add” or “remove” bolt ons as required (to accommodate life events or changing circumstances, or when you simply want to earn a little extra before a big holiday!).
  • The option to offer “transient bolt ons” at times of need, if you don’t want to commit to it in your contract, paid as extras.
  • Flexible start times if not part of the duty rota (drop your children off to school and then come to work).
  • Customisable contracts also offered to GP Fellows.
  • For newly qualified GPs working all bolt ons (a standard Salaried role), sessional pay starts at approximately £11,600 per session. This increases based on experience level.

What else does day-to-day working as a GP look like at Granta?

  • The ability to work in a diverse and positive team atmosphere which working as a locum or remote / on-line GP does not necessarily allow.
  • An experienced team of 8 ECPs providing all home visits and care home management (with monthly GP oversight).
  • A team of 11 clinical pharmacists and technicians managing all medication reviews, discharge letters, medication queries and high risk drug monitoring.
  • 4 Social Navigators, working closely and on-site with GPs.
  • Large admin team pre-reading, coding and managing letters.
  • On-site first contact physios and mental health practitioner helping our patients.
  • Weekly clinical site meetings. Great for team building and CPD.
  • Morning tea breaks for social or clinical discussion on the rota.
  • Supportive management team who listen and encourage positive change.
  • Close links to Addenbrooke’s plus in-house MDT reviews Psych’, Neuro’ and more.
  • In-house education programmes, training and research practice.
  • On-site pharmacy & dispensaries plus 24/7 collection points and delivery service.
  • Relocation costs – discuss this with us also.
  • We are a tier 2 visa sponsor.

What does a GP career at Granta offer?

  • A/L and S/L in line with BMA contract.
  • £500 per annum Career Development budget.
  • Career development pathway with leadership and partnership opportunities.
  • In-house mentorship encouraged (even for non-fellows) with the ability to develop in a supported environment.

Can I be a GP fellow at Granta?

Yes – we can offer bespoke fellowships given the wealth of in-house expertise that we have. You will have a GP specialist mentor to further your career in a particular direction of your choice, and given our wider team, this can include non-clinical aspects of general practice. Fellowships include but are not limited to:

  • Women’s health fellowship;
  • Dermatology fellowship;
  • Metabolic fellowship (diabetes / HTN / lipid management);
  • Paediatric fellowship;
  • Surgical fellowship (minor surgery / ENT);
  • Non-clinical fellowship (training and education / management in general practice).

We are proud to work as GPs and champion a move back towards working as a Salaried doctor in a team, rather than being a locum. Our customisable contract allows this.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your CV and covering letter to [email protected] and arrange an informal discussion or meeting with Dr Jonny Der Kureghian, one of our Partners.