Meet Our Team

The LMC Office Team

Karen Livingstone
Chief Executive
Email: [email protected]


I lead the LMC staff team and have a background in NHS and organisational management.  I am an experienced advocate and negotiator and help guide the LMC work alongside the Board and committees.

Michael Harrison
Executive Director
Email: [email protected]

My primary role is to oversee the portfolio of resilience work the LMC has developed over the past three years. Alongside the resilience work I also sit on the LMC Board and help the CEO to run the organisation.

Dr Nicky Williams
Medical Director
Email: [email protected]

I have been a GP partner in East Hertfordshire for 22 years. My responsibilities as Medical Director include Pastoral care, functioning of the local committees and ensuring the ongoing clinical focus of the LMC work.

Rachel Lea
Practice Development Manager
Email: [email protected]

I support the work of the resilience programme and advise practices on contractual and other issues.

Carl Raybold
Business Manager
Email: [email protected]

I look after the formal LMC Committees and respond to questions from GPs, practice managers and other practice staff about the GP contract and what practices should be doing.

Dr Rodney Brittan
Pastoral Care Lead
Email: [email protected]

I lead the pastoral care team, a group of doctors dedicated to supporting medical practitioners with professional or personal stresses in their lives. We have links with other support organisations including the national General Practitioner Health Scheme.

Sue Holloran
Operations Manager
Email: [email protected]

My role is to lead and ensure the smooth running of the office and facilitate communication within and outside the office between the committees, practices and other stakeholders.

Helen Bean
Education & Workforce Manager
Email: helenb[email protected]

I manage education and workforce projects, programmes and events. These include programmes such as Business Fundamentals, Mentoring and other workforce recruitment and retention projects.

Michelle Storey
Office & IT Administrator
Email: [email protected]

I help with the day to day running of the office, supporting all the staff with administration and IT, and in particular training and events.