General Practitioners Contracts

General Practitioners Contracts

GPs work to a set of nationally determined contractual expectations that make it clear what the GP should do and how they should refer into and around the health and care system. The GP contract also specifies payments to GPs.

Some GPs also have specific local requirements – set out in additional local APMS contracts.

Following the announcement of the GP contract changes for 2023/24, which were imposed on the 1st April, the LMC has dissected the various contract documents and produced our guide to the changes, which can be found here. This includes a summary of when each of the changes will come into effect (not all changes came into effect on 1st April and it is therefore important for practices to understand the various timelines).

Alongside our review, the BMA/GPC has updated its guidance explaining what it means for practices. The changes are in the following areas:

  • Prospective record access
  • Cloud-based telephony
  • Removal of reference to medical cards in the patient registration provisions
  • General practice pay declaration guidance

The contract changes for 2021-2022 were announced in January 2021. Details are below:

The 2019-2020 contractual requirements and associated 2019/20 documents can be found here:

General Practitioner Contracts