We are always keen to engage with GP trainees via the VTS schemes. We regularly give talks to VTS groups on a number of subjects, including life after VTS, an introduction to the LMC, emotional wellbeing, and how to have a fulfilling career as a GP. If you would like use to come and talk to your VTS about any of these subjects, or any other subject you think would be beneficial, please contact us.

Alongside speaking to groups of trainees, we also host individual trainees to have a training rotation with the LMC. During these rotations, trainees get a chance to see how the LMC works, attend LMC committee meetings, observe commissioning meetings with the ICB, attend national conferences and help provide support to local practices and GPs. Along with core LMC work, trainees also get the opportunity to complete a project based on their areas of interest.

We would also encourage any trainees that are interested in learning a bit more about the LMC, or how the wider health system works, to observe one of our committee meetings. If you’re interested in joining a meeting, please let us know.