LMC Role

LMC Role (Who we are)

As the representative body for all GPs in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, the LMC Ltd supports practices in several ways including:

  • Negotiating on behalf of practices with the NHS and Integrated Care Boards and other organisations on issues that affect general practice.
  • Supporting individual practices going through periods of difficulty (such as partnership disagreements, contractual problems or performance issues). (Also see our Support & Wellbeing page).
  • Providing practices with information about local and national health policies, contracts, legal and ethical matters pertaining to the running of the complex business of general practice.

Our Statutory Obligations

LMCs are the only democratically elected body representing GPs. LMCs are statutory organisations recognised in the 2006 NHS Act (as amended by the Health and Social Care Act 2012).  As such LMCs have statutory obligations under Part 13 of The NHS (General Medical Services Contracts) Regulations 2015 (Functions of Local Medical Committees). In summary these are:

  • To consider any complaint made by any medical practitioner against another and report its findings to the NHS England if there are concerns relating to the efficiency of services provided under a contract resulting from the complaint.
  • To make arrangements for a medical examination of a practitioner when there are concerns that the practitioner might be ill, or that their health might be putting patients at risk, and to make a written report for the NHS England regarding the practitioner’s capability to carry out his or her role.

Part 12, para 8 of The NHS (General Medical Services Contracts) Regulations 2015 gives NHS England or practices the option of involving the LMC in resolving disputes between the NHS Commissioning Board and practices.

How We Are Funded

LMCs are mainly funded through a statutory levy paid by all practices. The statutory levy is worked out on a capitation basis per patient registered and deducted at source by NHS England and paid directly to the LMC.

The Beds and Herts LMC Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and is a ‘not for profit’ organisation. Any surplus made during the year is put back into the services for local GPs or held in reserve for future use by the LMC. There are no bonuses or dividends paid. The Beds and Herts LMC incorporated in October 2006 in order to be able to provide more comprehensive services for the GPs of Bedfordshire, Luton and Hertfordshire.

The board proposes a budget and the appropriate amount for the levy to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of members.  All constituent members are invited to the AGM to hear what has been achieved in the previous year and to take part in the discussion around what are the priorities for the coming year.  The annual accounts are drawn up and audited at the end of the financial year on 31st March. They are presented at the AGM.

LMC representatives are paid travel expenses and a sessional fee to prepare for and attend meetings. The amount paid is agreed at the AGM.

Voluntary Levy – General Practitioners Defence fund (GDPF)

Beds and Herts LMC Ltd also collects a voluntary levy from practices. To date, this has been used to support the national negotiations undertaken by the General Practitioners Committee of the BMA (via the GPDF Ltd – General Practitioners Defence Fund).

As custodians of both levies, the Beds & Herts LMC has a statutory responsibility to the GPs of Bedfordshire, Luton and Hertfordshire to account fully for how the levies collected are utilised to the benefit of the GPs and their practices that pay them.