Performers List

Performers List

All practising GPs must be on the National Performers List. This includes locums, employed sessional GPs and GP Trainees. Details on how to get onto the Performers List or to change your status (e.g. when you change from being a locum to a partner, or move to a different part of the country etc) is on the Primary Care Support England (PCSE) website: Performers Lists – Primary Care Support England

You can check that you (or another GP) are on the Performers List via NHS England’s National Performers List website.

The NHS (Performers Lists) Regulations (2013)

The NHS (Performers Lists) (England) Regulations (2013) came into force on 1st April 2013. They set out all the criteria necessary for a GP to be included on the Performers List and the information that a GP must produce when applying to be on a Performers List (regulation 4).

As always, we are here to help if you can’t understand the requirements relevant to your circumstances. You can contact the office on 01438 880010.

On-going obligations

Having been accepted onto the Performers List there are several other very important requirements with which a Practitioner on the Performers List must comply, such as changes to personal circumstances, GP Appraisal, criminal offences, or investigation by regulatory body etc. The full list of obligations are set out in regulation 9.


Suspension is dealt with under regulation 12. GPs must not work in any environment which impacts on patient care if he or she has been suspended. There are two main reasons why a GP might be suspended from the Performers List: performance concerns or alleged criminal activity, and ill health.

For more information about supporting the wellbeing of GPs please go to our Pastoral Care page.

National policies and procedures have been approved to ensure that GPs facing performance hearings are dealt with fairly and openly and that they have every opportunity to appeal.

Removal from the Performers List 

The NHS England Practitioner Performance Board has the power to remove a Practitioner from the Performers List (regulation 14).

Regulation 14(5) also gives the Board the discretion to remove a Practitioner if he or she cannot demonstrate he or she has ‘performed the services’ during the preceding twelve months. There are strict criteria surrounding the decision to remove a Practitioner, which the Board must adhere to (Regulation 15).

Support from the LMC 

We would strongly recommend that every doctor faced with a notice of a suspension hearing calls the LMC Ltd for advice. We will do everything possible to make sure that a GP is supported at a hearing. Further, investigations following a suspension are often protracted and extremely stressful and, therefore, the LMC Ltd has the necessary processes and personnel available to offer pastoral support. This doesn’t mean that we uphold or condone poor performance or professional misconduct in any way, but we do support an individual going through performance or conduct procedures to ensure that they are dealt with fairly.

Please also see our Practice Resilience page.

Payments to suspended Medical Practitioners 

Because suspension is deemed a neutral act, there are specific regulations pertaining to payment for GPs who have been suspended, these can be found in regulation 13. There are also details about appealing a decision not to pay a suspended practitioner.