Practice Resilience

We often get requests at the LMC to help practices to take a deeper dive into understanding their business, to support their development and/or improve their resilience.  Below is a range of tools, resources and support we offer.  If you are unsure what you need, or would like further information, please contact the office.

Partner Competency-Based Self-Assessment Tool

This self-assessment tool is designed to test a Partner’s confidence in eight key areas; Four competencies are identified as Leadership and Governance skills and four competencies are Management skills.

The tool aims to help Partnerships better understand their competencies as a team and to identify gaps in the group’s skills or experience.

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Parliamentary Constituency Dashboard

The Parliamentary Constituency Dashboard is designed to help LMCs and GPs to present data to their local Members of Parliament (or Parliamentary Candidates in the upcoming election).

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Business Fundamentals Programme

Following our initial resilience work with practices we identified that many GPs lacked a good understanding of their business. Many GP partners have had no business training and need to develop skills to run a sustainable practice.  In 2018, we designed the Business Fundamentals Programme to provide GPs with an opportunity to acquire these skills. The modular course takes place over a six-month period, with practical workshops covering key areas including legal, HR, finance, operations, business planning, leadership and strategic planning.

We have also offered Practice Managers a similar programme as well as a New to Practice Programme which is an introduction to the business basics at operational level.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Practice Healthcheck Questionnaire (PHQ) 

This was an online tool that GMS practices completed to provide a high-level summary of how resilient the practice was. Each practice received an individualised feedback report, showing their overall score, identifying areas where they can increase their resilience, and giving comparative data so they can benchmark themselves against other practices.

In 2019, 138 practices completed the PHQ (70% of the GMS practices in our area) and so the dataset was large enough for us to do some statistical analysis on the drivers of practice resilience. A full report is available here.

Please also visit our Practice Development and Practice Away Days pages.

For more information to support individuals and practices, please visit our Mentoring, Pastoral Care and Training pages.