Practice Away Days

Practice Away Days

For a number of years, the LMC has been facilitating away-days for local practices. The content and structure of the away-days varies depending on the specific challenges that the practice faces, but they all have the central aim of getting partners out of the practice environment and giving them the space and support to discuss challenging issues and make plans for the future.

We use a number of tools to help partnerships to explore how they work together, including a short questionnaire, Motivational Maps and the GP Partnership Competency Self-Assessment tool. These tools will help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the practice and consider the key challenges that the away-day should address.

For some partnerships the day will be focused on addressing a specific challenge such as a practice merger or impending retirement. For others, the away-day may have a broader focus, for example, developing a long-term vision for the practice.

We would ask for at least 2 months’ notice for an away-day in order to give us time to plan and collect pre-meeting data. As we are a small team, this would be subject to volume of requests, but we would try our best to accommodate practices, especially those in difficulty.

If you would like to arrange a practice away day, please contact us on 01438 880010 or email [email protected].

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