Practice Development

We often get requests at the LMC to help practices to take a deeper dive into understanding their business, to support their development and/or improve their resilience.  Below is a range of tools, resources and support we offer.  If you are unsure what you need, or would like further information, please contact the office.

Practice Mergers 

In simple terms, a practice merger is when two or more practices join together to form a single practice. Ultimately, each practice wishing to merge will need to weigh up the potential advantages and disadvantages of merging to establish whether it is right for them.

The ‘Beds & Herts LMC Guide to Practice Mergers’ is intended to act as a guide for practices that are considering merging and to give an overview of areas that need to be considered through the merger process.

This toolkit has been created with advice sought from organisations that are involved in the merger process as well as input from various practices within Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire that have merged. Please note this guide is not exhaustive but aims to highlight the main areas and concerns to be considered if merging and full support should be taken from relevant, professional advisors throughout the process. The document was prepared with support from LMC Law, HBLICT, Herts Valleys CCG and BLMK CCG.

View here: BHLMC Guide to Practice Mergers June 2022


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